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Braced on the edge between sweet childhood and young adulthood, I have a special place in my heart for adolescents and tweens. I love their wit and maturing sense of humors. I am enthralled by their shyness, as they navigate uncharted waters and find their place in this world. Above all, I love seeing them smile with confidence and seeing that sparkle in their eyes as they tell me about
themselves, their hopes, dreams, family and friends.

- Jen


I am pleased to introduce one such young lady and to present a sneak peek of some of my personal favorites from her recent session with Ever After by Jen.

Her story is one that radiates joy and beauty from the inside out. Hers is a spirit th
at is pure and full of grace. Passionate about puns, bacon, possessing one of the most gorgeous smiles and best laughs I have ever heard are just a few things that make A special and fun to be around. It was truly a fantastic morning with an incredible young lady.