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When I grew up, I wanted to be an artist, a dancer, a princess, a doctor, a teacher… As a child, I ran through cow pastures, climbed giant oak trees with limbs that touched the ground, lay in fields on blankets gazing up at the stars, made mud pies, saw castles in the clouds, dreamed and played make believe. My days were full of imagination, blanket forts, dirt, tutus and laughter. As an adult, I still try to see the world and life with eyes of wonder, creativity and joy – the eyes of a child, of a person in love, eyes of innocence, happiness and pure wonderment.

Why… simply and beautifully, because I believe in fairy tales…

My story began with a love of art and drawing. At an early age my parents fostered my talents and creativity through classes and exposure to the arts. In high school, I picked up a 35mm camera for the first time, as I worked on a series focused on “Trees” for an art class. I was intrigued and started to play around with photography for the first time. I had always dreamed of being an artist but was never quite sure how to make my passions my career. As I began to write my own story of life and adventure, I pursued other interests and careers, including science, medicine and teaching. Art and creativity were placed on a shelf.

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Fast forward a few years and like many others, when I began my family and had my own children, I once again picked up a camera to capture memories and moments. A passion was reignited and I began rethinking those paths taken and wondering again about fairy tales… I am blessed to have written a story that includes my amazing husband, Mike and our three beautiful children. I have a sincere desire to photograph the joy, dreams, laughter and adventures of your precious family. Your story is unique – it would be my honor and privilege to be the illustrator of your “ever afters.”

No matter what chapter of life you are on, I hope to be there on your adventure… capturing your illustrated life.

Why…wonderfully and blissfully because, I believe in happily ever afters.


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