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These days you can hear, whether you want to or not, all kinds of opinions and thoughts about just about everything. One of the hot button issues for photographers and clients is the issue of “The Disc.” The Disc is often a cd with digital files from a photography session. For photographers who specialize in prints and products, sometimes there can be hard feelings for photographers that sell just a disc of images. For clients, it may seem easier and cheaper to just get a disc and print for themselves. Now, these concepts may not sound like a big deal, but they can be. Simply said, Ever After Photography is not in the CD selling business. It just isn’t how I prefer to run my business. I do not particularly have any problems with photographers that do sell a disc of images, but it is my opinion that you are not receiving the fullest service possible for this special time you have taken for your family. You have spent a great deal of time designing your session, planning and discussing wardrobe, potentially getting hair and makeup done… a good deal of your and your photographer’s precious time and energy has gone into creating your moment and images. You should want and should have a full range of professional services available to you to purchase wall art and products that will reflect the level of quality and professionalism you have chosen. The best examples I can give regarding the value of professionally printed photographs, albums, and wall art are those where I myself have gone to look over memories with my children. Where we have pulled out one of many albums, photos, and we have laughed, sometimes cried and often gasped at how much so and so looks like great-great aunt whoever. Other examples come from clients who send me snapshots of their home displays and rave about how much they love their images or who squeal with delight when they unwrap their finished canvases and and wall portraits for the first time. It is a very different feeling to huddle around a computer screen trying to locate images with your family than it is to curl up on the sofa together with grandparents, kiddos, and friends, flipping through pages of precious memories and photographs that have lasted lifetimes. I know that I want my future generations to have those moments and I want those for your family, as well. I love hearing guests ooh and ahh with awe and joy when they walk into a client’s home and they see large portraits on their walls of their child(ren) and family. Families are proud to show off their portraits and the love they share within their family and you should be, too! Ever After Photography by Jen_Huntsville_Alabama_photographer_albums-1 Ever After Photography by Jen_Huntsville_Alabama_photographer_albums-2 I am an artist. The time, education and love that I put into each and every session is valuable to me. Those images are meant to go on walls and in albums. They are meant to be printed through professional labs on high quality archival papers so they preserve your cherished family and memories for years to come. It really is that simple. When you choose to make the investment of working with a professional full service studio, you are investing in service and products that will become heirlooms you are proud to pass on, share and display. “Shoot and Burn photographers” are not the enemy and “The Disc” isn’t a dirty word or something to demand or dismiss, but the real question is, What do you want to do with your images? A disc usually gets lost in a drawer somewhere, prints from big box stores are not archival quality and will deteriorate, and digital files can and will degrade over time. I recommend working with a photographer and company, like Ever After Photography, that will help you to design your photography session for your unique family, provides home design consultations, and will consult with you fully regarding the best options for your home as your choose wall art, albums and prints. Our packages include custom mobile albums, digital files of purchased photographs for sharing on social media and are also available as add-ons to any purchase. I get it. We want to be able to print a holiday card, share on Facebook and Instagram with friends and family, and therefore, we have included options to allow clients the ability to have beautiful artwork on their walls and also to share their images. So, in conclusion, I will say this – You’ve made the wonderful decision to have professional, beautiful images created of the people you love the most, don’t you want to display them in a bold and gorgeous way? I know I do and I proud to offer those services and gorgeous products to my clients and families. With love, Signature Black